Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Marathon

A few months ago I completed my first full marathon!! It was one of the most phenominal experiences I have ever had.  Everything was perfect about the race, my body felt great (especially after a little help from tylenol at 21 K), the weather was fantastic, I had a great playlist loaded with a mix of hip hop, old school tunes, dance, and Shania twain of course, "Man I feel like a Woman!"And to top it all off, I had my amazing parents on their bikes meeting me at various locations along the course.

The course was filled with tons of spectators cheering on the runners, my favorite was seeing young kids dishing out high fives, they made me feel famous! While all the spectators that I didn't know were encouraging, nothing is more motivational than seeing your family.  It was so exciting seeing my parents and shouting out to them where to meet me next!  My dad had his camera of course, snapping some of the most unflattering shots of me, but nonetheless, amazing photos!  And when I needed support the most at 41 K, my mom (an inside gal, looking stylish on her bike) came up behind me and cycled me into the final gates, saying to me, "this is the final stretch, you can do it!" and "keep going sweetie, you're doing amazing!" Looking back I can't believe I never said, "Must be nice on your wheels there!" But I loved having her there for that final Kilometer, it was very special to me! 

After crossing the finish line with my hands reaching to the sky, my pulse was racing and it felt as though my heart was going to pump out of my chest.  Not only was this the greatest adrenalin rush I have ever had,  it was also the proudest moment of my life!! This is a moment I will never forget.  

Now that I have taken three and a half months off long distance running, I have started to get back into training mode and am trying to decide what race I want to run next!  In the mean time I will be spending sunday mornings running with my friends from :: Running Room :: and freezing my butt off in this wretched -20 degree weather! Brrrrr!!

Happy Trails,

Road Runner

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Berlin Marathon 2010- Patrick Makau Wins in Record Time!.m4v

In my dreams, I'm a Kenyan- I doubt this superstar shares my love for cookies....

This coming weekend I am running my very first full marathon.  As I have been mentally preparing and hydrating like we are about to have a drought,  I have been reading about Kenyan, Patrick Makau. Makau  finished the Berlin Marathon this past September in a record time of 2:05:08, the 11th fastest time in Berlin Marathon history!  Prior to the Berlin Marathon, Makau won the Rotterdam Marathon in April with a time of 2:04:48. With these two wins under his belt, he has really established himself as one of the world's best marathoners.

Makau started running seriously at the age of 17, and only a few years later started racing and doing exceptionally well.  Read more about Makau's running journey and great success here - Makau now the Marathon’s man to beat.

How are you supposed to know if you are a marathon runner? I found my first half-marathon to be quite the breeze.  Don't get me wrong, I trained hard, but I loved it and ran a great race.  My biggest fear going into this weekend is what if I am not a marathon runner?  Not every great half-marathon runner can make the transition to a great marathon runner. While I am not a "great" half-marathon runner, I am most definitely proud of my personal best, and can only hope my transition is as smooth as Makau's.  Check out Makau's phenomenal finish at the Berlin Marathon above.

I am so fascinated by Makau's outstanding  performance and amazing journey .  Reading about his journey as a runner has me very excited to get my legs moving on Sunday,  as his story is truly an inspiration to all.  "In the marathon, you have to be strong in your mind" Makau says, I will certainly be remembering and exercising this advice at The GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon - Sunday, October 17, 2010.

Happy Trails,
Road Runner

Friday, October 1, 2010

Make friends with the Running Room

5k, 10k, learn to run, for women only, half marathon, marathon and triathlon.  The Running Room has running clinics for everyone, and locations all over the city and throughout Canada.  It doesn't even stop there, the Running Room also offers walking clinics, web clinics and specialty clinics.  Check them out at the Running Room website to learn more about their programs. Running Room Clinic Listings.

The Running Room offers a strong support group for all individuals learning to run, or runners who are training for marathons.  With excellent coaches and knowledgeable trainers offering helpful advice and endless support,  you are in the very best hands with the Running Room.  They even offer free run clinics every Wednesday and Sunday, so you can test out the group before you join, or just run for free with the group every week.  The best part about joining the Running Room and being a part of the group, is that everyone is there because they want to be, they have a passion for running, and they have a motivation to achieve their personal best.  Nothing is more inspirational then a group of runners cheering each other on as they race up the hills, or run their first race.  In the Running Room I found a great community of runners and amazing coaches who encouraged me to push myself and strive to be the best runner I can be.

Joining the Running Room has other amazing perks, such as a retail store to buy the best running shoes and running apparel.  Check out the "help me find my shoe," a shoe finder program online  Also for more apparel check out the gear guide online here: :: Running Room Online ::.  Ever so often members also get discount coupons to use at any running room location, which is a great perk!

The running guru John Stanton offers tons of great running tips.  From tips on running shoes, to weather, to safety and fitness, and many more, John's got it all. All easily accessible on running rooms site, check it out: :: Running Room Online ::.

Lets not forget social media!  Follow the running room on facebook Facebook | Running Room Inc and Twitter running room (runningroom) on Twitter for all running room related events and news.

Happy Trails,
Road Runner

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My first steps

I have always been active, loved sports and occasionally hit the gym, running however, was never a thought that ever crossed my mind.  It was only this past March that my room mate suggested  that I join her in running the Missisauga half marathon in May 2010.  "Run a marathon?" I questioned, "Ha, I don't think so!"  I had only run occasionally at the gym and didn't really enjoy it, so running a half marathon wasn't on the top of my bucket list. Alicia gave me a nudge and said, "come on, you can do it, we will do it together, it will be fun!" That weekend we set out on our first outdoor run and completed a 5k route, let me tell you, it felt like a lifetime.  I was quick to learn that the first run is always the toughest.  It  only took a few more 5k adventures and I was on the road to becoming a marathon runner!

So many people laugh at the idea of taking up long distance running, or running in general, assuming they could never do it.  That being said, I am writing this blog to share my passion for running with whoever, and hopefully inspire a few people along the way.  I stand by the expression, "don't knock it till you try it." Runners can come in all shapes and sizes.  Some run to compete in the olympics, some to stay fit, I run for cookies. What will you run for?

Happy Trails,
Road Runner